Even though people are almost free to talk about stuff in our chat, we have rules tho. Without them, i can get banned for not agreeing with the Terms of Use probably.

Ok, so the further up you go, the more responsibilities you take on - including those below. Questions? PM me. Ideas? PM me.


  • Take the necessary and appropriate actions against users who violate the rules set out.
  • Take on the Moderator responsibilities.
  • Take on the Member responsibilities.


  • Report incidents to the Administrators which may involve their involvement in the situation - even with the slightest chance.
  • Don't ban or kick people with no reason at all: for example, let's say you like new games and someone else doesn't (i don't.)
  • Take on the Member responsibilities.


  • Accept what has been decided by the Administrators and Moderators - especially with the Administrators, their decisions are likely final. Failure to comply may result in further consequences.
  • Simply put, never flame, spam, troll, post indecent content (like 18+ erotic content. i allow 18+ dark) content or something similar OF ANY FORM. It will not be tolerated, by any means. Chinese Noodles is certainly not a place to seek revenge, or similar.
  • Swearing is allowed with limitaitions. The F-B-and S-bomb words are ok, but offensive words (like *****r, ****a, *****t, ***t or anything like that. If you really wanna send an image/video/song with those words, give the users a warning before clicking the video.)
  • No multiple accounts. It leads to confusion, and may result in the banning of most/all of them depending on the situation. If the reason is genuine and you tell me on my message wall ASAP - this is preferred.
  • .No advertising. If a member of staff finds you trying to promote things to others - serious consequences may occur depending on how this was posted.
  • Usage of tracking cookies, username tags, date tags, images, text or any other items which make use of the personal information of anyone in PMs or posts are strictly forbidden.

Not abiding by this could result in swift consequences - sometimes without warning.

If you did not break any rule, then feel free to chat as much as you want.