Shrek had grabbed me by my legs and and had thrown me on to his bed. Fiona was out with donkey to collect some snot berries so shrek had some time to get dirty with me. He walked out of the room only to come back with a mud bucket. He tossed the mud onto me and ordered me to cover myself in the mud. I lavished my self in the creamy mud and made sexual poses for shrek. Shrek told me that wasn't right. That I shouldn't exploint myself. So he elbowed me into the mud with so much ogre force that I had a purple, swollen face. I gasped for air as I fell into the mud. It wrapped around me and only then did I see the final light of ogre. I sank deeper and deeper I to he muddy abyss and thought that I would perish in seconds, but I never did. I stayed in the mud space continuum and never left, I AM MUD MAN. I SHALL HAUNT ALL MUD. BOW BEFORE ME.