Experimental Penguins was one of the most cute, funny, hilarious and nice MMOs of all time. But back in 1975 while CP/M 80 was the best operating system back then, i found a game on one of the drives called "". As the name seemed odd, i decided to run it. What i saw was impressing, it was in HD, in full-color, in Snoopa-vision, healthy vision, no ear-raping pc speaker, no 4 colors, i decided to name myself my real name "Hyuen" then i pressed to connect to the server, it was alll a lot of penguins. About 2000+ that day! I was messing up a bit in the game, and made a conversation with some of the players. There were so many users my penguin got crowded and suffocated. I screamed "WEEEEEEEEED POOOOOOOP!" then ran away. A penguin appeared. I was really shocked, but then i remembered i was in North Korea's nuclear center. The penguin started to turn into gibs and made the nuclear center explode. Then i was Sans.

The end!