I loved the Gran Turismo 2 because of the music and the gameplay. But I don’t like it anymore since I got that file. It starts in my house when Im looking for the ps1 emulator. I found one called fpse for android. I download gran turismo 2 after that and it shut off by it self. I turn it on and I found Gran Turismo 2.IMG. I couldn’t wait to play it. When I played it it was weird. It showed a bloody hand on the engine and that never happen in the real copy. I thought it was a glitch. So I went start game and it said when I’m in the town screen that cars aren’t for racing anymore it’s for killing now. Now I know that It’s a hacked game. So I went to west city to buy a used car but it said no west city is destroyed because of you. I thought myself I never did anything. I went to my cars and there was a car called DEAD PEOPLE and I looked at it I saw people’s body parts everywhere and the car year was 666 and that was weird. So the city’s are destoryed and the only option was the race. So when I race the Sunday race it said 3 2 1 die and people was on the ground going off their windows. And the people was cheering for roll over everyone. I pressed x and it actually roll over a person and there was blood on the screen. Then he gets out of the car and he looks like a zombie and ate him. The other racers was saying help but no one helped even the other people was trying to cheer for eating them. So I try to help them but they won’t let me. So I exit out of foes and deleted gran turismo 2. I tried to contact that guy who upload the file but he said it works fine and I explain the problem but he thinks that I lied. Even I posted a forums but they don’t believe me. I even proved it and they think I edit it. What ever you do, watch out for gaming files before it happens to you Edit